Social Impact Strategy

Social Impact Strategy Cover

Social Impact Strategy

P+HS Architects’ passion lies in creating spaces that enhance people’s lives. For almost 40 years our teams have brought the same enthusiasm, high quality, and aspiration to generate social value to every project on which we work, whatever the scale or sector.

We understand the impact we have as designers in creating environments that enhance the physical and mental wellbeing for all who inhabit them, be that staff, service users, carers, residents or visitors. As a business we actively target sectors which have a tangible impact on people’s day to day lives such as the healthcare, adult social care and social landlord markets, and work closely with clients to raise aspirations around sustainable delivery, healthy environments and on the ground services.

For P+HS, social impact is at the the heart of what we do, embedded in our organisational culture and our approach to design. It is fundamentally about delivering value for people, by harnessing what we do as architects to improve social equity. Social impact is about more than just numbers; it is about the human experience behind them and creating places and spaces which positively impact people and communities.

Social Impact Strategy

Our strategy has been developed to provide a roadmap to ensure that we capture opportunities to maximise social impact right across the practice. The strategy is structured around three pillars: Practice, Places, and People, encompassing each facet of our business and enabling us to map out our priorities and commitments to create positive impact through the operation of our practice, our approach to projects, and our engagement with the wider community.

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Social Value Practice


Deliver value for our employees through our workplace and community

We aim to support our employees by creating an environment where people can flourish and there is space for a connected community to form across our practice. We are committed to building a friendly, welcoming culture where everyone can engage with interesting projects as well as having access to personalised opportunities for growth and development.

Social Value Place


Generating social impact in our projects, through the design of places and spaces

We endeavour to embed value within all our schemes; be that site value and financial viability, market desire and demand, or social enhancement and adaptability. Through this approach to architecture, we invest in the creation of affordable, accessible, and vibrant places that support community wellbeing.

Social Value People


Supporting our local communities and sharing our skills and expertise

We seek opportunities to work with other organisations to share knowledge and expertise for social good. We aim to engage with and invest in our local communities, in a way which addresses multiple points of inequality, approaching challenges through multifunctional solutions that create real opportunities for people.