Active Architects ahead of schedule

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Active Architects ahead of schedule

Our virtual challenge team The Active Architects passed through The Brandenburg Gate this week.

Supporting fitness and wellbeing across the practice, we now have over 30 of our brilliant staff taking part in our virtual mission. Cycling, walking, running, skiing, and swimming, we are visiting 20 landmarks and travelling almost 24000 miles as a collective over 10 months. We'll keep you posted here for further news along the way. For now thanks to Sara Himsworth for being our inspiration behind this great initiative.

Here's the route: Sagrada de Familia Spain; Eifel Tower France; Brandenburg Gate Germany; Colosseum Italy; Parthenon Temple Greece; Krushuna waterfalls Bulgaria; Petra Jordon; Egyptian Pyramids Egypt; Valley of the Kings Egypt; Azadi Tower Iran; Taj Mahal India; The Grand Palace Bangkok; Great wall of China China; Moscow Red square Russia; Hermitage Museum Russia; Pulpit Rock Norway; P+HS Newcastle England; P+HS Stokesley England; P+HS Leeds England; Salford Quay England