Newcastle Staff Fieldtrip

Newcastle trip

Newcastle Staff Fieldtrip

P+HS Architects' Newcastle staff have been out and about reviewing some of our residential schemes old and new. Henrietta Pissarro reports:

"Some of our Newcastle team recently went on an afternoon adventure around Newcastle, stopping off in Elswick, Blakelaw and Kenton to see some of our schemes; old, new and currently underway. It was great to see first -hand some of our hard work over the last five years, since the opening of the Newcastle office.

As well as Daryl testing his skills at Hartburn Walk's trim trail and sports area, highlights included:

Hartburn Walk and Reestones Place: Hartburn Walk provides 25 affordable units plus staff unit; 5 specialist LD bungalows and staff unit, designed around a private landscaped courtyard as well as Tyneside flats and bungalows for over 55s with care and support needs, shared amenity space and multi-functional green space. Reestones Place comprises of 21 affordable units varying from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses on a constrained site. Both Hartburn Walk and Reestones Place were for Newcastle City Council’s Fairer Housing Unit and Your Homes Newcastle, delivered by Tolent and handed over in December 2020.

Roundhill Avenue has 48 units varying from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and some 2 bedroom Tyneside flats with a mix of tenures. The scheme was for Home Group, delivered by Engie and handed over in March 2021.

Wansford Avenue will provide 15 apartments for people with specialist learning difficulties and autism, as well as, 2 bungalows.

Red Hut is creating 7 bungalows and 20 Tyneside flats for older persons. Both Wansford Avenue and Red Hut are for Newcastle City Council’s Fairer Housing Unit and Your Homes Newcastle, currently being delivered by Tolent and due to be handed over later this year.

Throughout the visit, we covered a number of the key design principles that we believe are fundamental to best practice design and in turn the success of the schemes. There was also time to have a go on the hoops and trim trail, both provided as part of the delivery of the Hartburn Walk & Reestones Place schemes."

Hartburn Walk: bungalows and Tyneside flats

Hartburn Walk
Hartburn Walk 2

Reestones Place housing

Reestones Place

Roundhill Avenue housing


Wansford Avenue accessible homes under construction

Wansford Avenue

Red Hut dwellings for over 55s under construction

Red Hut