P+HS Architects Highlight the Practice Pillar of Social Impact

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P+HS Architects Highlight the Practice Pillar of Social Impact

As we approach the end of March, hailing the launch of P+HS Architects Social Impact Strategy, our final pillar ‘Practice’ celebrates the innovations and core values within the business that deliver social purpose, creating a sense of community spirit and supportive environment for our employees, clients and the communities we serve. We aim to support our employees by creating an environment where people can flourish and where there is space for a connected community to form across our practice. We are committed to building a friendly, welcoming culture where everyone can engage with interesting projects as well as having access to personalised opportunities for growth and development. As part of this drive we encourage interaction across the practice through varying working groups, forums and social channels – allowing all of our employees to build strong relationships across all four of our office bases ensuring that we operate holistically as one practice.

We also work closely with our clients and the communities they serve to promote diversity in architecture through targeted STEAM activities. Offering support for local schools and educational charities, through co-created activities and work experience which contribute to employability, green skills and building career aspiration. Throughout March representatives from P+HS have been working alongside many of our clients, volunteering their time to ‘Enhance a Space’. Thank you for all of those who volunteered to be a part of these events which included tree planting in several locations as well as replacing fencing in a hospital's secret garden. Full details of the team's volunteering activities can be found here.

Overall, volunteering is a powerful tool for creating social impact, bringing together individuals, communities, and organizations to address pressing social challenges and build a more just and equitable society. Watch out for more charitable events this year as we continue celebrating 40 years of P+HS Architects ‘Enhancing Lives’.

P+HS Architects’ passion lies in creating spaces that enhance people’s lives. For almost 40 years our teams have brought the same enthusiasm, high quality, and aspiration to generate social value to every project on which we work, whatever the scale or sector.

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MD Chris Dennis: "We understand the impact we have as designers in creating environments that enhance the physical and mental wellbeing for all who inhabit them, be they staff, service users, carers, residents or visitors. As a business we actively target sectors which have a tangible impact on people’s day to day lives such as healthcare, adult social care and social landlord markets, working closely with clients to raise aspirations around sustainable delivery, healthy environments and on the ground services. P+HS Architects are committed to delivering the best for our clients and to providing a culture where staff thrive and excel in their work. Having clear, shared values developed by our teams is a key part of our continued success helping us all to maintain a common focus and consistent service.

For P+HS, social impact is at the heart of what we do, embedded in our organisational culture and our approach to design. It is fundamentally about delivering value for people, by harnessing what we do as architects to improve social equity. Social impact is about more than just the numbers; it is about the people behind them and creating places and spaces which positively impact their life experience.”