P+HS Architects Launch Social Impact Strategy

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P+HS Architects Launch Social Impact Strategy

Demonstrating our ongoing resolution to foster positive change for the clients and communities we serve, P+HS Architects proudly announces the launch of our Social Impact Strategy.

This visionary initiative reflects our commitment to going beyond traditional architectural practices and using our expertise to create spaces that elevate lives and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Social impact in architecture is essential as it goes beyond the physical structures and aesthetics of buildings to recognise the profound influence that the built environment has on individuals. Creating positive impact through our project work is hugely satisfying, generating value for our clients, and creating affordable, accessible, and vibrant places that support community wellbeing. By prioritizing social considerations in the design process, architects can contribute to creating more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient communities.

The development of our social impact strategy has been a thoughtful and intentional process to create positive change in society while aligning with the values of the practice, to be our client’s ‘Architect of Choice’ and Enhancing Lives by living our values which include: One Team, Ambitious, Progressive and Proud of Our Reputation.

Social impact has always been a part of our day-to-day practice at P+HS, but its prominence in the wider sustainability agenda is now increasing. As the understanding and recognition of social impact in the built environment improves, in our 40th year we are committed to engaging with the conversation and evolving our own approach to maximise the impact we can have.

Developing our own bespoke strategy, we appointed Social Impact specialist consultants Hoare Lea to work with us. The process has been incredibly rewarding and proven that developing a business centred around place and people exemplifies social impact. Working alongside Hoare Lea we have developed three pillars that stand at the forefront of our Social Impact Strategy and encompass the work we have developed in the past 40 years. The pillars of Practice, Place and People; exemplify the three areas of impact that sit at the heart of P+HS Architects.

Practice: Delivering value for our employees through our workplace and community.

Place: Generating social impact in our projects, through the design of places and spaces.

People: Supporting our local communities and sharing our skills and expertise.

Launching our Social Impact Strategy is the first step; from here we will ensure the ongoing commitment of the practice to review, record and improve our working practices to ensure progression as the world of architecture evolves. By formally integrating social responsibility into our day to day working practices we intend to continue making lasting and positive difference in the communities we serve.

See P+HS Architects' Social Impact Strategy here.

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"Formalising P+HS Architects Social Impact Strategy has been a rewarding and gratifying experience, as the values instilled within the practice have provided such a strong foundation on which to build our three pillars of impact.

The work that the practice has done over the past 40 year exemplifies Social Impact through architectural initiatives and it has been a pleasure to celebrate this and develop a strategy that captures these strong principles. Ensuring that these ideologies continue to grow and develop as we look towards the next 40 years of sustainable growth."