P+HS Architects Values Refresh

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P+HS Architects Values Refresh

P+HS Architects has refreshed its values as the company enters its 39th successful year. Like anything in this world, nothing is static and after the two-year hiatus of a global pandemic, continued expansion, new staff and hybrid working, it was timely to ask all colleagues for their thoughts.

After several workshops, our people came up with 4 strong, clear concepts which crystallise the values that we all share at P+HS Architects.

One Team: we operate as one collective, where all colleagues are valued for their unique talent, and everyone supports one another to achieve the best solutions for our clients and colleagues.

Ambitious: we aim high for the best outcomes, balancing ambition with pragmatism and a realistic understanding of project constraints and client priorities.

Progressive: we are never complacent but are open to change: new ideas, innovation and technology that helps us to be the best.

Proud of our reputation: We will always deliver our very best to maintain our reputation, so that clients, partners, and colleagues continue to choose to work with us.

Director Chris Dennis said: “We are committed to delivering the best for our clients and to providing a culture where staff thrive and excel in their work; having clear, shared values is a key part of this, helping us to maintain a common focus and consistent service.”