P+HS Supporting Local Sport


P+HS Supporting Local Sport

As part of P+HS’s ongoing commitments to charities and local causes we have again supported Northallerton Rugby Club with their summer touch rugby event ‘The NPL’. Based on the successful cricket franchise of IPL the teams ‘buy’ players in an auction whilst also being allowed to field a number of wildcards.

P+HS have bought the home team ‘Brompton Bobcats’ and our wildcards include a number of our very own staff! Games are played over seven weeks during the summer based on a 6 aside, touch rugby, mixed sex teams basis with an aim to introduce new people to the sport and also new members to the club.

Northallerton RUFC Sponsorship Manager Tim Philips added;

"After the season finishes we start our touch tournament, the aim of this tournament is to keep the existing players involved with the club from a gameplay perspective and social! It is also a great opportunity to introduce and welcome new teams and players to Northallerton Rugby Club, with an open invitation for players and club members to invite friends, family and sponsors to come and have a go. Touch is a fun, no-contact but competitive introduction to rugby and this year we have 10 teams and over 150 players registered."

"It's fantastic to receive support from local businesses, this support isn’t just financial, they also spend a lot of time at the club making it a success and it doesn’t go unnoticed. We offer specific sponsor game days throughout the season, with the main aim being to say thank you for the support of the sponsors and to make it a special day for them! I would like to take this opportunity to thank P+HS personally for their ongoing support – Thank you."