Rapid Solution for Community Diagnostic Centres

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Rapid Solution for Community Diagnostic Centres

Accurate diagnosis is vital to treating patients early and effectively and more than 85% of NHS patients require some form of diagnostic test. The waiting list is growing, creating pressure to increase both capacity and accessibility. CDCs provide local communities with fast and flexible access to a range of checks, scans, and tests closer to home. They reduce the number of hospital visits and reduce waiting times for patients by diverting people away from hospitals.

A range of modular CDCs was launched by Algeco at Healthcare Estates (IHEEM) in October, showcasing small, medium and large turnkey solutions to bring high quality diagnostic services closer to where people live. The range, launched in partnership with consortium Hygieia, includes MRI, CT, X-Ray and Mammography with larger options providing additional capacity as well as Ultrasound and Endoscopy services.

Algeco and Hygieia’s ability to offer a full turnkey solution was achieved by partnering with some of the leading brands in the sector, such as Philips, Tata Steel, P+HS Architects and CAD21, amongst others. The CDC’s are fully compliant with HTM / HBN requirements.

P+HS's role on the project has been to develop the standard designs for each CDC including the production of concept layouts, visuals, models, and walkthroughs to be shown at events and within the Hygieia brochure, being distributed to potential clients, be it NHS or private healthcare providers.

P+HS also provided advice on the functional requirements of the building and coordinated the proposed layouts with the modular system, to ensure that efficiency and functionality of the CDC’s were optimised, and the potential for offsite manufacturing could be maximised.