Sustainability Champions Learning More About Climate Change

Ben and Henrietta Carbon Course

Sustainability Champions Learning More About Climate Change

P+HS Architects are acutely aware of the urgent need to take further action in addressing the global climate crisis and are committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. We embrace the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our business operation and are working across the practice to reduce our carbon footprint and alongside our clients to deliver on their sustainable goals.

As part of the practice's Sustainability Working Group, two of our Sustainability Champions, Ben Lillywhite and Henrietta Pissarro, joined other businesses in the North East at Northumbria University recently to learn more about climate change.

The two sessions, Climate Change and Carbon Champion, were provided by SmartCarbon in collaboration with CENE and covered risk and business resilience in the face of climate change and carbon footprinting, management and reporting. As well as gaining a better understanding of the science of climate change, Ben and Henrietta were also able chat to other businesses and share in ideas for progressing the sustainability agenda.

Ben said "

The training provided by SmartCarbon helped to highlight the crucial need for us to understand our individual and company carbon footprints; in terms of the information required and what can be done to help reduce our footprints. Gaining a greater understanding of the data required and how that impacts our “upstream and downstream” clients, will be invaluable knowledge in future years as the industry and wider world change.

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