Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality

As a practice we are continually looking ahead, and dedicating time in understanding advances in technology to help improve design communication and user engagement. We are now in a society where both clients and users demand information quickly and directly.

We are proficient in producing 3D data rich models and are constantly trying to look for ways to output information seamlessly. Not only to save time, but to allow our team to deliver a hybrid communication package tailored to meet a users individual needs, allowing a smooth process of understanding design across all stages of project workflow.

As we are now in a pick up and go culture of mobile devices, it seemed a natural progression to investigate in a means of outputting 3D data onto mobile platforms, which could be accessible to all and also allow us to put our designs into real-world scenarios, to see them in their natural environments.

We understand that good design is not just about how something looks, but how it feels. It is important to us that we deliver an environment which feels right to the user and offers them the opportunity to thrive.

Augmented reality is a step in this direction, we are able to take 3D data and put it directly in front of the user, allowing them to physically walk and experience the design with no intervention from us. It is a comfortable experience for the user, and so far we have gained excellent feedback from the service using Unity Reflect Review.

Watch the video case study from Unity Reflect about our use of AR.




Since September 2020 we have invested time in understanding and developing AR integration with Unity Reflect Review. With the software we have the ability to offer clients the following, 1:1 Site experiences, Multiple room loading experience, 1:1 Bespoke component design, Interactive table top models.