Kirkwood Hall

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Kirkwood Hall

Kirkwood Hall is a new extra care facility for residents of Leyburn, surrounding villages and the upper Yorkshire Dales. Developed on a rural exception site, we worked closely with Broadacres, stakeholders and end users to design a supportive and homely scheme for older age needs ranging from supported independent living through to dementia care.

There are 46 apartments: 20 designed for people living with complex needs such as dementia, 26 two-bed apartments and 7 two-bed bungalows. The accommodation mix means that couples can stay together and a guest suite facilitates family visits.

Generous landscaped gardens allow residents to relax, potter or pursue activities such as gardening or caring for Kirkwood Hall's resident hens.

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A stunning design for a much needed residential facility for the Dales community.

Watch Broadacres video with staff, residents and families talking about life at Kirkwood Hall