On Site Urgent Treatment Centre at JCUH, Middlesbrough

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On Site Urgent Treatment Centre at JCUH, Middlesbrough

Working with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are developing a new Urgent Treatment Centre located alongside the existing Emergency Department (ED) at James Cook University Hospital (JCUH).

The new building will provide clinical accommodation at ground floor which will work in conjunction with the existing ED, easing pressure on the hospital's busy emergency department and providing care closer to patients' homes. The first floor will provide additional staff accommodation, offering increased facilities for busy ED staff. A second floor will house plant accommodation.

Work is on site with contractors Geoffrey Robinson, and it is expected that the new centre will be open in March 2024.

1st December 2023

A fantastic logistical undertaking with the crane on site and modules being craned into position.

3712 UTC Crane4 20231201 123604
3712 UTC Crane3 20231201 123537
3712 UTC Crane1 IMG 8264
3712 UTC Crane2 20231201 131149

20th November 2023

Foundations and drainage are now installed in preparations for the much awaited modular build.

The units are in progress at the Premier Modular Factory and due to be craned into position commencing 30th November.

3712 UTC Foundations for Modules IMG 2661
3712 UTC Modules Factory 1 IMG 2473
3712 UTC Modules Factory 2 IMG 2470

October 2023

Demolition of the 'Red Sheds' to make way for the new centre

3712 UTC Red Shed Demolition IMG 2381

Ground being levelled prior to foundations being dug

3712 UTC Ground Levelling IMG 2390

Foundations being poured

3712 UTC Foundations IMG 2461

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