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People Stories

As well as outward facing activities that impact the wider community, the People Pillar of our Social Impact Strategy allows us to focus on our remarkable colleagues. We hope that through sharing some of their stories of how they came into the profession and what it means to them, we may inspire an increasingly broad range of people to become the architects, technologists and support teams of the future.

Senior Architect David Shield took a long and circuitous route into Architecture, but since finding his niche, he hasn't looked back.

Initially interested in art and design, Senior Architect Martha Mackinnon says architecture chose her as a career. Martha values the support that P+HS Architects gives her as a working mother.

Lee was a carpenter for 15 years before he was inspired by a lecturer to study for a degree in architecture

Jamie studied a T-Level in Design, Surveying, and Planning for Construction and joined P+HS after a recommendation from his college tutor

Jonah has a background in music and was working client side at Bishop Auckland Hospital when he first came across P+HS Architects and 'went fishing' for a job..

Adam has had his sights set on Architecture since he was just 10 years old! He appreciates the support he gets from P+HS as he progresses through his training