The Malings

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The Malings

The Malings described as “a masterclass in quiet invention, style and sustainable living” was designed by Ash Sakula. We are very grateful to Ash Sakula for sharing their images shown here. The development is a new sustainable community in the heart of Newcastle’s historic Ouseburn Valley consisting of 76 low energy, eco-friendly homes with a choice of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. Named after the famous Maling Pottery that occupied the site, the scheme was created to provide a bespoke, space efficient and high quality riverside neighbourhood suited to a range of buyers including families with children.

The scheme, for Carillion Igloo, was delivered in three phases: the first was delivered by Ash Sakula. P+HS Architects were subsequently appointed by contractors Gentoo in July 2014 for technical and design expertise to provide production information for phases B and C. Phase B comprised 5 blocks providing a total of 24 one, two and three-bed apartments of varying number and mix along with a stand-alone single dwelling tower house. Phase C provided an additional 16 apartments over two blocks. Constructed from brick clad timber frames, the new homes aimed for a low ecological footprint and CfSH level 4, with highly efficient gas boilers, PV panels, green roofs, natural ventilation, high performance insulation and onsite energy production.

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