Webb Ellis Court

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Webb Ellis Court

A new extra care scheme for Scarborough, providing 63 high quality homes for over 55s and those with extra care needs.

Webb Ellis Court, on the site of the town's former rugby club on Scalby Road, is the result of a collaboration between Home Group, Ashley House, Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

The £11m scheme provides 31 two-bed and 32 one-bed apartments and an extensive range of on-site amenities, such as café, restaurant, guest accommodation, hair and beauty salon, and space for local community groups to use.

The design has thoroughly considered the needs of older people, with excellent accessibility, parking and charging for electric buggies and communal areas inside and out for a range of pastimes and social activities. Assistive technology enables easy contact with support staff 24 hours a day and a range of interventions is available from the reablement team where needed.

The focus here is very much on what people can do and not what they can't.

Jemma Punch, scheme manager at Home Group, said: “This Community Wellbeing service is very different to traditional residential care as it integrates health, housing and social care to help maximise independence and wellbeing.”

Home Group have created a great video of Webb Ellis Court on their Youtube channel with a look around.

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