Who we are

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Who we are

So what's it like to be part of P+HS Architects' team? Take a look at our film for a behind the scenes look and read stories from staff to get an insight into what it means to work with us. Don't forget to switch the sound up on the film!

Kate Baker 20211011 100509

Kate I'm studying Architecture through an Apprenticeship scheme run by Northumbria University; this means that I attend uni one day a week and work the rest of the time in one of P+HS Architects' studios. Following the apprenticeship scheme is ideal for me as I can progress my practical skills which would not have been possible if I was studying a full time degree.

I’ve found the work/university balance really manageable, and my P+HS colleagues are brilliant at offering support and advice on my academic design projects. It's good having access to all the facilities of the university such as laser cutters and 3D printers while being in the office the rest of the week.

I enjoy the variation throughout the week and usually use my experiences from P+HS to help with my academic study.

Banaris Talking Heads

Banaris: I started out in admin through an apprenticeship scheme blending work and college, then went on to hold various admin roles which I interspersed with periods of global travel. I also worked in hospitality for a time which was great for my people skills. So I came to P+HS with no knowledge of Architecture but with a strong administration background and an interest in people.

What I love about P+HS is the team, they make a huge difference to the working environment. I’ve worked at places where I felt just like a number whereas here I feel like a person and a valued member of the organisation. You spend a lot of your waking hours at work and you have to enjoy it; I think it's important to make time for social activities as well as the work. As part of my job I get to organise activities for the team. So far we have ticked off chess, quizzes, table tennis, paintballing, inter-office football, and there's more to come!