Ben Edditts Celebrates 10 Years with P+HS Architects

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Ben Edditts Celebrates 10 Years with P+HS Architects

What started as a 6 month contract for Ben has transformed into 10 years service!

After redundancy, Ben was working at ASDA when he secured a 6 month contract with P+HS to help with the Saudi hospitals work, drawing up surveys and creating proposed works drawings.

From there, working alongside Steve Hatcher on the DMH STEM project, Ben was made a permanent member of the team and hasn't looked back since, going on to work on MRI refurbishments at Darlington Hospital and many other projects.

Ben's first major project to develop and run on site was Webb Ellis Court for Home Group. Ben describes this as one of the scariest and hardest things he had done at the time but was very proud to get it built and successfully delivered.

Returning to healthcare projects, Ben has gone on to deliver more improvements at Darlington Memorial Hospitals for the benefit of staff and patients, in particular the paediatric SDEC. Here the project had gone through many options and when it came to paediatric phase the Trust were initially set on a simple sterile white environment, but Ben was able to develop a much more child friendly scheme that is in use today.

Today Ben can be found working on a large and complex phased project for Theatres at Newcastle's RVI. This is his largest project to date and is expected to last several years, but Phase 1 is almost complete and Phase 2 has just started on site.

In between all the project work, Ben looked after the IT in Stokesley office for some years; an opportunity which allowed him to get to know people both in Stokesley and across the other offices.

Looking back since joining P+HS in 2012 Ben says " It's interesting looking back. As well as all the projects, I have bought a house, got married and had my first child. I very much doubt I would be in the same position if was still working at ASDA!"

Ben, you are a hugely valued member of our team and here's to the next 10 years. ASDA's loss was certainly our gain!