James Gordon 20 Years at P+HS Architects

James Gordon

James Gordon 20 Years at P+HS Architects

A senior member of our team James Gordon, marked a major work anniversary this week. Joining P+HS Architects in 2004 as a young Architect, James has been responsible for numerous successful projects over the years and has progressed through the ranks to become an Associate Director. Summing up what the last 20 years at the practice has meant for him James said:

"Celebrating two decades at P+HS Architects in January, my journey has been a mix of architectural innovation and enduring personal connections. From designing projects to forming lasting friendships within the team has been a highlight, including those colleagues who are no longer with us or retired.

As a healthcare lead, I’ve been able to explore my passion and give something back. For the next chapter I’m optimistic about the firm's commitment to progress, new opportunities in the Manchester office offer fresh challenges and chances to nurture relationships. P+HS Architects is not just a workplace but a community with colleagues that continue to inspire me. Here's to two decades of shared experiences and the exciting possibilities ahead."

Congratulations on 20 years James, and here's to the future!