Lowering our Carbon Footprint

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Lowering our Carbon Footprint

We are delighted to share that as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions we have published our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP). This is just one in an ongoing series of actions that P+HS Architects will be taking over the coming weeks, months and years as we work towards achieving Net Zero.

Our carbon reduction strategy is being spearheaded by our Sustainability Champions across the practice, led by directors Cath Lake and James Gordon, and the publication of the CRP provides a Year 1 benchmark from which to build as we progressively reduce our carbon consumption.

Our goal is to achieve Net Zero by 2040 (under Scope 1 & 2) and 2050 under Scope 3. We believe that these targets are realistic and achievable, and if anything, are hopeful of exceeding them. With a reassessment due in October 2022, we will keep you posted on how we're performing, along with updates on other initiatives soon to be announced from our Sustainability Champions.

See our Carbon Reduction Plan here