Specialist Presentations in Partnership with Square One Law

Square One Law Presentation 2

Specialist Presentations in Partnership with Square One Law

P+HS Architects have been working closely with Square One Law over the past few months to deliver two specialist presentations. The first took place in June and was delivered by Director Pete Stead focusing on the Building Safety Act 2022 and how to navigate the new Gateway requirements in line with the Golden Thread of construction to ensure new safety and performance standards are met and delivered.

The second, delivered earlier this month by P+HS’s Residential Leads in collaboration with the Sustainability Leads, focused on the Future of Residential Design. Enhancing our initial presentation delivered to clients and the wider practice last year around the changes and implementation of the new and updated Approved Documents. This follow up presentation included strategic analysis around the Future Homes and Buildings Standards 2025 (due out for consultation at the end of this month) and gaze beyond at emerging policies such as Approved Document Z and UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standards.

Pete said "Square One Law and P+HS have several synergies, working in similar sectors and sharing values that put people - clients, stakeholders and colleagues - first. By working together and sharing our knowledge we can enable wider discussions that improve relationships and in turn achieve better outcomes for the future."

Both presentations were well received and testament to the innovative workflows and procedures of the wider practice. Our senior management team includes a number of Practice Leads who specialise in various areas of growth and technical excellence allowing us to be at the forefront of emerging industry standards and share this knowledge with our clients and the wider practice.