Royal Free Hospital Outpatients

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Royal Free Hospital Outpatients

P+HS Architects were commissioned to improve five tired outpatient clinics’ reception areas at the Royal Free Hospital. Working with WT Partnership, Mott McDonald and Artinsite as well as a wide range of stakeholders, we have vastly improved the environment and simplified wayfinding. The design provides welcoming and uplifting surroundings with a reconfigured layout: new reception desks and signage have been strategically repositioned to simplify navigation through the space.

Carefuly selected fittings, finishes and lighting enhance the new interiors and a range of ergonomic seating options cater to a variety of users’ needs. Artwork supporting wayfinding is integrated into the design throughout with colour and texture used to create a calm and therapeutic environment. Artinsite used glass art for windows with a subtle motif inspired by ethnic patterns from the local community, creating visual interest and a strategic ‘veil’ screening an unattractive courtyard.

Commenting on the improvements, Richard Scarth, Director of Operations said "The feedback from both patients and staff has been universally positive and I have to say that the final effect has exceeded my expectations. I’m particularly impressed with the sightlines down the corridors, which makes navigating between clinics so much easier. I’m also delighted that seating areas have been created that are both spacious and inviting, but that also adhere to the infection, prevention and control criteria. The working areas for staff are so much more efficient and one of the teams commented that their day has been transformed. It is a credit to everyone involved that this was achieved through collaboration that included input from all the different parties, including the patients and staff."

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"The feedback from both patients and staff has been universally positive and I have to say that the final effect has exceeded my expectations."

"We has some visitors from the Charity and League of Friends at Moorfields Eye Hospital and as part of that visit had a tour of parts of the building. The head of the league of friends is partially sighted and, without any prompting about the refurbishment, made a comment of ‘Wow’ as we entered the 1st floor Outpatients area. She made several very positive comments about the general lighting, signage and how much easier she found navigating that area to compared to her own hospital site and the rest of this building."

Richard Scarth, Director of Operations, Royal Free Charity

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