For P+HS, social impact is at the heart of what we do, embedded in our organisational culture and our approach to design. It is fundamentally about delivering value for people, by harnessing what we do as architects to improve social equity. Social impact is about more than just the numbers; it is about the people behind them and creating places and spaces which positively impact their life experience.

Our Social Impact Strategy is a roadmap to deliver on our core purpose; it captures the key opportunities to maximise social impact through the work that we do and our commitments to deliver, measure and increase the social impact of our activities over the long term. The pillars of Practice, Place and People; exemplify the three areas of impact that sit at the heart of P+HS Architects. Under each of these pillars we focus on our five areas of impact: Social Cohesion & Identity; Diversity, Equity & Skills; Employment & Skills; Health & Wellbeing; and Responsible Procurement.