P+HS Architects Highlight the People Pillar of Social Impact Strategy

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P+HS Architects Highlight the People Pillar of Social Impact Strategy

In line with the Social Impact focus that we have been following throughout March, this week we’re concentrating on the ‘People’ pillar of our Social Impact Strategy, celebrating our remarkable colleagues, the diversity we have across the practice and sharing their inspirational stories.

This focus has allowed us to highlight the varying routes our people have followed into architecture, recognising the challenges they faced that can create barriers against joining the profession and ensuring we work together to actively address these. Instilling initiatives to promote the sector equally in addition to a strong mentality that architectural careers are accessible to all.

Our people are always keen to share their knowledge with young people looking to pursue a career in architecture and attend a variety of events including STEAM ambassador events, working with local schools to develop construction focused learning programmes and mentoring of students in higher education to name but a few.

We pride ourselves on the support and mentorship that we offer those exploring or entering a career in architecture. We engage with several initiatives to allow people a route into the profession including:

- T- Levels

- Apprenticeship

- HNC Part time Study

- HND Part time Study

- Degree Part time study/ day release

Many of these options open the prospect of an architectural career to those who previously wouldn’t have considered a higher education route. As a business we are keen to grow our own talent and offer routes such as apprenticeship schemes, as well as other part time study options, drawing on a wider talent pool of individuals who may be put off by full time education routes. Architecture in particular has always been a lengthy education path, with the traditional approach including 2 full time degrees as well as additional part time learning. Drawing on the experience of our technologist colleagues who have successfully integrated part time learning as a gateway into practice with fantastic results for many years, T- Levels or Apprenticeship routes into architecture help to break down those barriers and allow those who need the security of a salary the opportunity to meet their long-term career goals.

Over recent weeks we have been filming some of our colleagues as they talk about how they got into architecture, the challenges they faced and and their experience at P+HS Architects. There's a real cross-section and we are proud to have each and every one of them as part of our team.

A mention too to our student Marketing Assistant Alice Crawford who has done a great job of the filming and editing alongside studying for her final year marketing assignments and exams.

View the People Stories page here, and keep checking back as we post more videos in the coming weeks.

James Almond

Director James Almond: "Our people sit at the heart of who we are as a Practice and are integral to our aspiration to be the ‘Architectural Practice of Choice’ for our clients. Our company values are centred around enhancing lives and were developed in line with our people to ensure that they reflected the practice as a whole. Which is why our first and arguable most important value is around ‘One Team’. As we recognise that our people are our business and the social benefit we provide in partnership with our clients, many of whom serve those who are most in need. Allows us to play an important part in supporting the communities in which we operate."

"All our people have a thirst for both knowledge and experience which brings real enthusiasm into the work place. We have always supported architectural, technology and support staff through their training, helping with tuition fees, providing work placements and mentoring. Ensuring the best of both worlds with a structured programme of tuition combined with practical work. As a business it allows us to mentor and nurture our staff whilst also ensuring they have an industry recognised qualification."