Airedale Acute Assessment

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Airedale Acute Assessment

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust have transformed the patient pathway for urgent care. The development of a new Acute Assessment Unit (AAU), has provided a strategic gateway for patients who need further assessment or review following discharge from ED or prior to admittance to inpatient wards. The new model enables multi disciplinary clinical assessment, vastly improving patient decisions and avoiding unnecessary admissions.

The team successfully delivered a highly functional, space efficient building with a light, therapeutic environment. A place to inspire confidence for patients and visitors, and support time pressed staff in delivering the best possible service and care.

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“The space, the light, the feel is incredible. Patients love it, their relatives love it and we have seen that it’s been more calming for our confused and distressed patients. Being co-located with the Emergency Department is enormously powerful in terms of quality, safety and Right Care.”

Julia Nixon, Lead for Clinical Transformation.

“There is significantly more space and light both of which staff and patients have highlighted as huge improvements compared to our previous locations. The incorporation of ambulatory care into the floor plan and co-location of the whole unit next to the emergency department has had a demonstrable positive impact on patient flow.”

Dr Adrian Kennedy, Acute Physician.

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