Newcastle ALBM Phase 2

Wansfell TBP5966

Newcastle ALBM Phase 2

Following on from the success of Phase 1, the second phase of this work for Newcastle City Council will provide a further 199 dwellings for a range of people in the Newcastle area.

Built by contractor Tolent and developed using the council's successful Annuity Leaseback Model, the scheme will see a total of eight sites developed across the city to provide a mix of much needed affordable homes for people aged 55 and over or with specialist needs.

P+HS worked closely with the project team, developing the designs from the first phase of the project, incorporating feedback from the Fairer Housing Unit and best practice guidance for older age living and consulted widely to finalise house type proposals and layouts tailored to each site.

Walker Road

17 accessible homes with a mix of Tyneside flats and bungalows for over 55s

3 2-bed bungalows; 7 1-bed Tyneside flats; 7 2-bed Tyneside flats

ALBM 2 Walker Road Elevations

Wansfell Avenue

14 accessible homes mix of Tyneside flats and bungalows for over 55s

10 2-bed bungalows; 2 1-bed Tyneside flats; 2 2-bed Tyneside flats

Wansfell TBP5966

Stapleford Court, Wansford Avenue

17 accessible homes:

Stapleford Court is a development of 15 specialist apartments for people with learning disabilities and/or Autism, with shared facilities for socialising and group activities. The scheme also includes a pair of three bedroom, wheelchair accessible family bungalows. The layout has been sensitively designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for its residents, with a semi-private garden.

Wansford 01 YHN jan22 004
Wansford 02 YHN jan22 033
Wansford 11 YHN jan22 056
ALBM 2 Wansford Ave by Colour 05

Brunell Terrace

38 sheltered apartments for over 55s

30 1-bed apartments; 8 2-bed apartments

Tish Murtha House Opening IMG 6872
ALBM 2 Brunel Terrace Elevations

Losh Terrace

57 accessible homes for over 55s developed in two phases:

8 1-bed bungalows; 35-2bed bungalows; 2 3-bed bungalows; 6 1-bed Tyneside flats; 2-bed Tyneside flats

ALBM 2 Losh Terrace Elevations

Somerset Place

There are two separate sites at Somerset Place:

High Grove is for 15 two-bed bungalows for over 55s and Sceptre Street will provide 14 accessible homes in the shape of 7no 1-bed Tyneside flats and 7no 2-bed Tyneside flats.

ALBM 2 Somerset Place Elevations

Red Hut

27 accessible homes for over 55s

4 2-bed bungalows; 3 2-bed bungalows; 10 1-bed bungalows; 10 2-bed Tyneside flats

ALBM Red Hut Elevations

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